Ultrasonic Inspections allow us to detect subsurface flaws and irregularities on various types of materials as well as thickness gauging when only one side is accessible. Ultrasonic testing, also known as UT, utilizes high frequency sound waves to achieve the required results. UT is considered one of the most versatile and sensitive testing methods with the ability to be applied to components of all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. Canyon State Inspection Inc. employs traditional, thickness, and phased array ultrasonic testing so we are sure to meet every UT need is the aviation, aerospace, mining, missile, pipeline and welding industries. 

Canyon State Inspection Inc. strives to ensure we are always using state of the art equipment. Currently CSI is operating the following Ultrasonic machines.

  • Epoch 600
  • Epoch 650
  • Epoch III
  • Nortec Sonic 1000
  • Nortec Sonic 1200
  • Sonatest Site Scan
  • 25DL Thickness Gauge
  • 35DL Thickness Gauge
  • 38DL+ Thickness Gauge
  • USN 50L
  • Omniscan Phased Array
  • Bondmaster