Eddy Current


Eddy Current inspection is a non-destructive test technique in which eddy current flow is induced in the test object. Changes in the flow caused by variations in the specimen are reflected into a nearby coil, coils, hall effect device or other magnetic flux sensor for subsequent analysis by suitable instrumentation and techniques. Used in both high and low frequencies as well as array, eddy current has the ability to find cracks, flaws, and other forms of surface and near-surface damage in all conductive materials. Eddy Current, like most other NDT methods, is utilized in both on site and laboratory situations and is especially useful for the aviation and aerospace industries.


CSI uses several different types of eddy current machines, including

  • Nortec 500D
  • Nortec 600S/600D
  • Nortec 600D
  • Nortec 2000D
  • Omni Scan with Eddy Current Module