Aviation & Aerospace

Canyon State Inspection Inc.'s aircraft and aerospace division offers non-destructive testing services to a wide variety of clients, including commercial and corporate aircraft industries, government agencies and various branches of the military. Operating as a FAA Certified Limited Repair Station since 1986 and an EASA certified facility since 2011. CSI provides on-wing and in-house x-ray (including digital and isotope), ultrasonic (thickness, phased array), eddy current (high and low frequency, array), magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and bond inspections.

Our corporate aircraft experience includes heavy maintenance modifications, 1200 hour, 12,000 hour, and 12 year checks on all Beechcraft, Cessna, Jetstar, and Learjet models.

Military aircraft experience includes service and maintenance checks of B1-B bombers, C-123, C-130, and C-47 cargo, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-4 fighters, space shuttle parts and 747 shuttle haulers.

Canyon State Inspection Inc.'s equipment is portable and of the latest technologies. Our FAA & EASA repairmen have extensive experience with structures, landing gear, and engine NDT.


Pipeline & Tank

Canyon State Inspection Inc.'s pipeline services have been a mainstay since 1984, Primarily involved in the natural gas, petroleum product transportation, pressure piping, holding tank construction and evaluation. CSI provides field and in-house x-ray (digital, isotope), ultrasonic (automatic tank crawler, phased array, thickness), eddy current (high and low frequencies, array), magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, and magnetic flux leakage (pictured) test methods


Structural Steel & Welding

Canyon State Inspection Inc.'s structural steel and welding special inspections program dates back to 1984. Certified welding inspections have been provided on hundreds of high rise, medium rise, and low rise construction projects where welding and bolting inspections are required. These projects include fabrication and construction site inspections of schools, hospitals, churches, office buildings, airport hangars, airport terminals, parking garages, sports arena, refineries, head frames, and telecommunication towers.