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Structural Steel and Welding Special Inspection Division

Canyon State Inspection's structural steel and welding- special inspection program dates back to1984. Certified welding inspections have been provided on hundreds of high rise, medium rise and low rise construction projects where welding and bolting inspections are required. These projects include fabrication and construction site inspections of schools, hospitals, churches, office buildings, airport hangers, airport terminals, parking garages, sports arenas, refineries, head frames, and telecommunications towers.

CSI provides fabrication and construction site certified weld inspections, ultrasonics, high strength bolting, welding procedures, welder operator certification, materials verification, x-ray (including isotope), magnetic particle and liquid penetrant test methods.

Coatings inspections include paint thickness (wet & dry) holiday detection, and sprayed applied fire resistant materials (fireproofing) test.

Canyon State Inspection personnel are certified by test through American Welding Society's CWI program, International Conference of Building Officials ICBO Special Inspector -Structural Steel and Welding program and ICBO's Special Inspector-Sprayed Applied Fire Resistant Materials Program.

CSI's nondestructive testing personnel are certified by test as recommended by American Society of Non-Destructive Testing TC-1A recommended practice.
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