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The mining industry has played a huge part in the development of modern civilizations throughout the world for thousands of years. Without mining there would have been no iron or bronze ages or industrial revolutions.

Canyon State Inspection has proudly been involved in supplying nondestructive testing services to the mining industry nearing twenty years. From radiography of mechanical piping and conveyor belt splices to the ultrasonic evaluation of full penetration welds and acid tank corrosion, CSI will always be available to this important industry.

CSI has supplied its services to both underground and open pit-mining methods. Construction inspection of and the evaluation of head frames, acid tank cars, railroad trestles, cone crushers, scrubber modifications, ore trucks including the world's largest are but a few items requiring nondestructive testing.

MSHA training, welding operator certification, welding procedure qualification, and weld inspection/nondestructive testing consulting services to the mining industry will continue to be a mainstay for CSI.
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