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Canyon State Inspection has employment opportunities for any persons educated and certified in the nondestructive testing profession.

Over the last twenty years it has been realized that the Level II technicians and certified welding inspectors are very unique individuals in a very unique industry.

We strive to provide the highest caliber technicians with the best testing equipment available to our customers. We believe in the 5 P principle:


Canyon State Inspection is the largest nondestructive testing laboratory providing services to the aircraft, aerospace, construction, pipeline, mining, and automotive industries in the southwest. CSI has excellent benefits including vacation, holidays with pay, 401K retirement, medical and dental coverage.

CSI is accepting resumes from the following persons:

  1. USAF trained nondestructive testing personnel educated in: UT, RT, EC, MT & PT.
  2. Trained aircraft NDT repairmen with Level II certifications in: UT, RT, EC, MT & PT
  3. AWS CWI & CWAI welding inspectors with minimum Level I certifications in: UT, RT, MT & PT.
  4. ICBO Special Inspectors-Structural Steel & Welding Minimum 3 years experience.
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